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This page is designed to help you give us the information we need for your made-to-measure items.

(You can even use it if you are uncertain of your bra size etc...)

Fill in as much as you can, then press 'Send Form'

The more information you can give us, the better the fit of your lingerie. If you don't know a size, don't worry, there are always options.

If you are only buying briefs, then of course just fill out waist and hips, but in general the golden rule is, give as much information as possible.

If you are looking at a particular range, or style, but not certain if it will be suitable, then tell us your sizes and which range/style you are looking at and we will advise on its suitability.

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It's for a gift and I'm not certain of the size? - See our Size Guide page

What size would I need? - See our Fitting Room page

Can you advise on my size for this style? - See our Fitting Room page

Can I return it if it's not right? - See our Terms and Conditions page